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United States Department of Defense

September 29, 2016
General Officer Assignment
The chief of staff, Air Force announces the assignment of the following general officer:Brig. Gen.
September 28, 2016
Statement from Secretary of Defense Ash Carter on additional support to Iraqi counter-ISIL efforts
The coalition to defeat ISIL continues to achieve results on the battlefield, and I congratulate

United States Department of Veterans Affairs

September 27, 2016
San Diego VA Doctor Patients’ Best Friend

He reminds his patients of “those doctors from 50 years ago where they sit down and talk to you and are like your best friend. ” Meet Dr. James Michelson of VA San Diego. Read the full story

Doctor and Veteran Patient
September 20, 2016
Caring for Veterans at Work and at Home

VA has great employees and some of the best are our nurses. Drema Bratton, a VA nurse for 37 years, was recently named Nurse of the Year at her Veterans Affairs Medical Center. Read the full story

VA Nurse and patient talking