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United States Department of Defense

March 28, 2017
Flag Officer Assignment
 Acting Secretary of the Navy Sean Stackley and Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John M. Richardson
March 28, 2017
Flag Officer Announcements
Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis announced today that the president has made the following

United States Department of Veterans Affairs

March 28, 2017
Robotic Brace for Veterans of Spinal Cord Injury

It's called an Exoskeleton and it uses motion sensors and a computer control system to allow Veterans with spinal cord injuries to stand and take steps, with a little help. Read the full story

Veteran Brandon Myers removes his shoes from a wheelchair he used to harness an exoskeleton walking device
March 21, 2017
Can Spiritual Therapy Ease Your PTSD Symptoms?

A researcher associated with the Augusta VA in Georgia is conducting a survey to see if Veterans coping with PTSD might be interested in having spirituality introduced into their therapy. Read the full story

A male wearing a BDU jacket speaking with a male counselor.